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Conspiracy Theories

There’s recently been some renewed interest in the story of the 1987 World Science Fiction Convention in Brighton, during whose course the Church of Scientology was perceived — I think rightly — as trying to be seen as sponsor of the event, and by extension a central and morally appropriate sponsor of science fiction itself. […]

Critical Piece

“John Clute: Yakfests of the Empyrean” by Matthew Davis Strange Horizons 17 September 2006

New Book

The Darkening Garden: a Short Lexicon of Horror Seattle, Washington: Payseur & Schmidt, 2006 Fustian Merion Station, Pennsylvania:Magic Pen Press, 2006 by John Clute and Jason Van Hollander an interview with JC published in the form of a pamphlet, in conjunction with the above


These are, strictly, collages: that is, pre-existing images assembled together to make up a work of art. But when I did them in 1967, I decided to call them montages for two reasons. One) there was no overlap of images, as normally found in the collage. Two) these were meant to be “read” both globally, […]


This piece was commissioned in 2006 by a magazine, but was rejected because they were not convinced the future would be so lacking in good honest fun, or what. As per my commission, I constructed it as an imaginary entry on LOVE as it might appear in an encyclopedia written circa 2100 CE. There are […]


These are aphorisms and thoughts, mostly swollen, out of which is it sometimes possible to say something The Fantastic is the thermometer of the Case. Fantasy is finding things to recognize. But, in the end, the fantastic as a whole is all about disappearance. Because history is. Horror is a Masque of Recognitions. It is, […]