Articles 1999

“In Defense of Science Fiction” (25 May 1999)
Projections: Science Fiction in Literature & Film (anth 2004) ed Lou Anders
text restored but not revised
in Romanian as ”In apararea science fiction-ului”

Christopher Priest, The Extremes (Simon and Schuster, 1998; 1999 pb reprint) by Christopher Priest

“Mary Gentle”
Barroquon Programme Book (16-18 July 1999)

“Readercon Report”
Paul Barnett’s online mag for Paper Tiger July 1999

“A Species with Ten Fingers Named Frankenstein”
Washington Post August 1999
long op-ed type piece on the Millennium and sf

“Point/Counterpoint:The MUP Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction Debate Continues”
Nova Express vol 5, #2 (Fall/Winter 1999)
response by Russell Blackford to my review of this book, plus my response to Blackford.

Andromeda (143/144) December 1999
report on Eurocon in Dortmund, May 1999

Articles 2000

“Charles M Schulz”
For Paul Barnett’s newsletter for Paper Tiger

“John Sladek, 1937-2000″
Ansible 153 (April 2000)
MISFITS (Minnesta Society for Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy Views) (posted 19 April 2000)
expanded version
Foundation #79 (Summer 2000)
expanded version

To Die linke Hand der Dunkelheit (Heyne, 2000) by Ursula K Le Guin
introduction to The Left Hand of Darkness, written for Heyne and translated by them.

“Grail, Groundhog, Godgame: Or, Doing Fantasy”
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts (Vol 10, #4, 2000)
version of 1999 Distinguished Guest Scholar address

“Coming of Age”
In Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature (SFF, 2000) ed Andrew M Butler, Edward James and Farah Mendelsohn
much expanded from 1990 Interzone article and later reviews

To The Purple Cloud (University of Nebraska Press, 2000) by M P Shiel

“Dede Weil”
Title: “Dede”
Locus December 2000
obituary notice

“Noted With Pleasure”
The Washington Post 3 December 2000
end of year notes

Articles 2001

“The Aegypt Series”
Snake’s-hands: a Chapbook about the Fiction of John Crowley (Sirius Fiction, 2001 chap)
revision of reviews of Aegypt, Love & Sleep and Daemonomania, see below

“On the Cusp of Far”
Earth is But a Star: Excursions Through Science Fiction to the Far Future (University of Western Australia Press, 2001)

“Fred Hoyle”
The Independent, 23 August 2001
obit (long literary comment added to obit)

Articles 2002

“Notes on the Geography of Bad (and Good) Art in Fantasy”
Unearthly Visions: Approaches to Science Fiction and Fantasy Art (Greenwood Press, 2002)
original Title: “Notes on the Geography of Bad Art in Fantasy”; remotely based on address at the Eaton Conference, 1995.

To David Lindsay, A Voyage to Arcturus (University of Nebraska Press, 2002)

“James Tiptree Jr”
Washington Post March 2002

“R A Lafferty”
The Independent ….

“Tenant SF”
“Hugo’s New Home Brew” (anth 2002 chap) ed Don Bassie and Karen Bennett

“Commentary: Science Fiction and the World”
Nebula Awards Showcase 2002 (anth 2002) ed Kim Stanley Robinson
Scores (Harold Wood, Essex:Beccon, 2003)

“Dying Inside: an Introduction”
Dying Inside (Ibooks, 2002)

“Millennium Fever, Cognitive Dizziness, and SF”
The Bulletin of the SFFWA (Summer 2002, vol 26, #1)

“Damon Knight”
The Independent 17 April 2002

“Richard Cowper”
The Independent 2 May 2002

“John Brunner”
Readercon 14
modified and expanded from obit published in Guardian in 1995.

“George Alec Effinger”
The Independent 10 May 2002

“Joan Aiken”
Supernatural Fiction Writers

“Peter Straub”
Supernatural Fiction Writers

“William Mayne”
Supernatural Fiction Writers
Alienisti #42 (July 2004)
revised version published in Finnish

“Beyond the Pale”
Conjunctions39: The New Wave Fabulists 39 (released late October 2002)
in Kunst Welten: Phantastische Kunst und Literatur: eine Anthologie zum Elstercon 2006 in Leipzig (Leipzig:Freudneskreis Science Fiction Leipzig, 2006)
translated by Hannes Riffel as “Jenseits der Grenzen”
“Sea Lady and Blettsworthy: Irruption in Wells”
Talk to H G Wells Society, unpublished

“Robert L Forward”
The Independent 27 September 2002

“Western/Science Fiction”
for exhibition catalog curated by Sunny Buick

James White, General Practice (Tor 2003)
New York Review of Science Fiction, #172 (December 2002)
printed by Hartwell before book release

“Charles Sheffield”
The Independent 6 November 2002

“Jerry Sohl”
The Independent 12 November 2002

“Beyond the Pale”
Conjunctions 39: The New Wave Fabulists 39 (released late October 2002)
in Kunst Welten: Phantastische Kunst und Literatur: eine Anthologie zum Elstercon 2006 in Leipzig (Leipzig:Freudneskreis Science Fiction Leipzig, *2006*)
translated by Hannes Riffel as “Jenseits der Grenzen”

Articles 2003

To Infinity Plus Two (PS Publishing, 2003)

“On Howard Waldrop”
In Readercon 15 (Readercon, 2003)
much modified from Richard Bleiler, ed, Supernatural Fiction Writers

“Ken Grimwood”
Obit for Independent
June/July 2003

To A New Universal History of Infamy by Rhys Hughes
(Ministry of Whimsy?, 2003?, ed Jeff Vandermeer

“Science Fiction from 1980 to the Present”
The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction (2003) ed Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn

Shayol Jahrbuch zur Science Fiction (2004) ed UdoKlotz and Hans-Peter Neumann with Hannes Riffel
trans by Hanns Riffel as”Science Fiction von 1890 bis heute”

“Hal Clement”
Obit for Independent

“Giles Gordon”
Obituary appreciation Locus (in January 2004 Locus, issue 516)
appears after formal obit

“A Turn Up for the Books”
Essay for Emerald City #100 (December 2003)

Articles 2004

“Joan Aiken”
Obituary appreciation Locus (February? 2004)
appears after formal obit

“Jack Cady”
Independent 21 January 2004

“The Dream of Arena”
Essay on space opera for German yearbook, ed Sascha Mamczak for Heyne Verlag
also given to an English language site, not known if it went up.

“Canaries in the Coal Mine”
Shawangunk Review (vol XVI, Spring 2005)
original address only – publication precedes JFA recension of both addresses made, see next citation

“Canaries in the Coal Mine”
keynote address to graduate seminar, SUNY New Paltz, 29 April 2004
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts (Vol 15, issue 3) Fall 2004 (but released later than this date)
assembled with “Pardon This Intrusion” see next citation, into one essay

“Pardon This Intrusion”
keynote address for Interstitiality Conference, SUNY New Paltz, 1 May 2004
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts
with previous piece
“Isaac Asimov”
for David Seed/ed A Companion to Science Fiction (Oxford:Blackwell Publishing, 2005)

“Fan Guest of Honour: Peter Halasz”
SF Foundation: a Commonwealth of Science Fiction
intro for the programme book of the 2004 Liverpool conference

“Michael Elder”
Independent (16 August 2004)

“A Conversation Waged with the World”
Prospect Magazine
an essay on Susanna Clarke and general subjects, written September 2004; publication not confirmed

The Shape of Things to Come by H G Wells
intro to the Penguin reissue

“Urban Fantasy”
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Themes, Works, and Wonders (Westport, Connecticut:Greenwood Press, 2005 <<>> ed Gary Westfahl

“The Book of the New Sun”
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Themes, Works, and Wonders (Westport, Connecticut:Greenwood Press, 2005 <<>> ed Gary Westfahl

Articles 2005

A Celebration of British Science Fiction (Guildford: The Science Fiction Foundation, 2005) ed Andy Sawyer, Andrew M Butler and Farah Mendlesohn
recension of extempore keynote speech given at the Celebration of British Science Fiction conference, Liverpool, 2001.

“Jack Chalker”
Independent (18 February 2005)

Xanadu VIII/DeepSouthCon 43 (2005)
reprinted in this program book as Chalker had been slated as GoH this year

“Andre Norton”
Independent (21 March 2005)

“John Brosnan”
Independent (16 April 2005)

“Science Fiction–die Fortsetzung”
Das Science Fiction Jahr 2005 (Munich:Heyne Verlag, 2005) ed Sascha Mamczak and Wolfgang Jeschke
trans of”Science Fiction: the Sequel”, written for Yearbook, trans Hannes Riffel
Tahtivaeltaja (Helsinki, 2005)

as ”Science Fiction II” in this Finnish magazine
trans of ms of ”Science Fiction: The Sequel”

Readercon 16 Programme Book

“The Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award”
Readercon 16 Programme Book

“John Middleton Murry/Richard Cowper”
Dictionary of National Biography

“Jules Verne”
Encyclopedia of Europe 1789-1914

“Charles L Harness”
Independent (11 October 2005)

“Michael G Coney”
Independent (14 November 2005)

“Robert Sheckley”
Independent (17 December 2005)

About 1988-2006

“Short story ideal vehicle for imaginative SciFi tales”
Toronto Star 10 December 1988
review of Strokes by Paul Stuewe

“John Clute: an Appreciation” by Rachel Pollack
Readercon 4 (1991)

“John Clute” by David Griffin
Carnage Hall #5 (1994) Interview

“John Clute” by Charles N Brown
Locus #414 (July 1995) Interview

“John Clute: a Broad Perspective”
Waterstone Hailing Frequencies (Sept/Oct 1995)

“Interview with John Clute”
SFW 1996, conducted by Craig Engler

“Charting New Frontiers: a Starburst interview by David Howe”
Starburst #225 (May 1997)

“Cremators of Science Fiction” by Gary Westfahl
Interzone # (April 1998) Article

Interview with Peter Warshall
“Futurama Retro”

Whole Earth #96 (Spring 1999)
Biographical sketch

Trinity ’99 (Eurocon, Dortmund)
Biographical sketch

Conspec (Conspec, Edmonton)
Biographical sketch

Paradoxo 2, #1 (Cascais, Portugal)
for Simetria (Simetria, Cascais)

Interview with Nick Gevers
Title: “Stilts in the Heartrock”

Interzone 166
Interview with Dave Mathews

Ministry of Whimsy
Interview with David Langford
Title: posted April 2001

Interview with unknown interviewer
Title: “No Wonder he doesn’t like Shatner, he’s EARTH BOUND”
National Post, Saturday 31 March 2001

Interview with Philip Marchand
Toronto Star 19 April 2001

Interview with Ernest Lilley
Title: “John Clute Interview”
SF Site Mid-May 2001

Interview/commentary by Andy Taylor
Title: “The Man from Future Past”
The Undiscovered Country Club (vol 4, #4, Mayh 2001)

Interview with Nick Gevers
SF Weekly # (2004)

Interview with Jukka Halme, Esa Virtanen
Title:”John Clute: Mies joka tiet„„”
Tahtivaeltaja (Helsinki, 2005)

Polder: a Festschrift for John Clute and Judith Clute (Baltimore, Maryland:Old Earth Books, 2006) ed Farah Mendlesohn

“John Clute: Yakfests of the Empyrean” by Matthew Davis
Strange Horizons (18 September 2006)

Fustian (Merion Station, Pennsylvania:Magic Pen Press, 2006) by John Clute and Jason Van Hollander
an interview with JC published in the form of a pamphlet
New York Review of Science Fiction December? 2006
reprint of the above interview

Interview with Iain Emsley (not the 2006 draft interview)
Title: “Seasons of Horror – John Clute Interviewed about Darkening Garden”
Yatterings (8 September 2007)

Letters 1962-2006

Letter (rebutting arguments against Tom Disch)
Square Journal, 5 April 1962 (NYU, 1962)

at least one letter in Varsity responding to criticisms

Letter (on Edwards, Blish, Tubb)
Vector (Summer 1975)

Letter (on Baldwin, Griffin)
Vector #73/4 (March 1976)

Letter (in response to George Turner)
Foundation #21 (February 1981)

Letter (answering one by Nicholas Yermakov)
The Patchin Review (February 1982)
Letter (answering one by Charles Platt)
Interzone #3 (Autumn 1982)
Letter (answering one by James Goddard)
Foundation #26 (October 1982)

Letter (rebutting Harry Harrison on a Meadley review)
Foundation #28 (July 1983)

Letter (subject to be discovered)
Vector (June 1986)

Letter (subject to be discovered)
Vector (April 1991)

Letter (response to Philmus)
Interzone October? 1993
Letter (comment on essay by George McKay on Kipling and Kay Dick)
Title: ‘”They,”“They” and They’
Foundation #59 (Autumn 1993)
Letter (response to Chris Gilmore on John Grant)
Interzone December? 1993

Letter (on religion and Dan Simmons)
Science Fiction Weekly #58 (17 November 1997)

Letter (on the Encyclopedia of Fantasy etc)
The Bulletin of the SFFWA 139 (Fall 1998)

Letter (on David Mathew’s review of Jules Verne)
Interzone #147 (September 1999)

Letter (on a book by Noel Coward)
Book and Magazine Collector #191 (February 2000)

Letter (on Joan Grant, Gordon R Dickson)
Book and Magazine Collector #202 (January 2001)

Letter (on Philip Pullman)
Book and Magazine Collector #220 (July 2002)
Response to letter about review of Expendable
SFW #277, 12 August 2002
Letter on a bibliographical point (Ogden Nash)
Book and Magazine Collector #224 (November 2002)


Responses to two letters in SFW #351 (12 January 2004) about my review of Robert A Heinlein.
Response to a response to the above response in SFW #365 (19 April 2004)
Response to a response to the above response in SFW #366 (26 April 2004)
Response to a letter in SFW #370 (end of May 2004) about my 1997 review of James Allen Gardner’s Expendable.

At least one response in SFW to comments
Comment letter in Book and Magazine Collector on use of term”sci-fi” to describe H G Wells
Comment on letter by Rich Horton on Hamilton and Bracket in SFW 438 (12 September 2005)

Comment on letter by Michael Saler, SFW #458 (30 January 2006)
Comment on letter by Mike Peters on Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, SFW #469 (week of 17 April 2006)

Stories & Poems 1958-2006

“Discussions Upon Reproduction I: the Reject in No”
Inkling 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem
“Discussions Upon Reproduction II: Over Wide Wistfuls”
Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem
“Over wastes of wondering”
Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem
“Older Wiser . . . ”
Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem
“Discussions Upon Reproduction III: Potluck Lament”
Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem
“The Mystic Mutter Tells Me”
Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem
“In Me Is You”
Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem

“A Poem: Carcajou Lament on the Surfeit of Blackandwhite Chiaroscuro”
Tri-Quarterly. Evanston: Northwestern University (Vol 2, #2, Winter 1960). Poem

“The wind scrabbles on the bitter beach”
Sciamachy #1 (Winter, 1960) Poem
“Purpose, and Questions of Purpose”
Sciamachy #1 (Winnetka, 1960) Story
“Trees cast their effortless shadow”
Sciamachy #1 (Winnetka, 1960) Poem
“A Band of Men, All Insane”
Sciamachy #1 (Winnetka, 1960) Poem
“Notes on Not Committing Suicide by Jumping into the Chicago River”
Collage #1 (Chicago, 1960) Poem
“Guilt on a Pleasant Face in a Moment of Truth Registers
Collage #1 (Chicago, 1960) Poem
“Picture of an Old Man in a Livingroom”
Collage #2 (Chicago, 1960) Poem1961
“For the Sightless, Explication”
Sciamachy #3 (Sciamachy, 1961) ed Millea Levin
“Intent One: Synopsis”
Sciamachy #3 (Sciamachy, 1961) ed Millea Levin
“Intent Two: the Problem as More Than Existence”
Sciamachy #3 (Sciamachy, 1961) ed Millea Levin

Sciamachy #5 (Sciamachy, 1963) ed Millea Levin
“Unicorns Are Seen as Uncatchable”
Sciamachy #5 (Sciamachy, 1963) ed Millea Levin

“A Man Must Die”
New Worlds #168. London. Ed: Michael Moorcock.
Alpha 5 (Ballantine Books, 1974) ed Robert Silverberg. Story

“Tourists in Haiti, Behaving”
The Varsity Review Toronto: The Varsity (10 March 1967). Fictionalized Essay

New Worlds #186. London. Ed: Michael Moorcock Story

“The Disinheriting Party”
New Worlds Quarterly 5 (whole 206) (Sphere Books Limited, 1973) ed Michael Moorcock Story
–excerpts from first version of The Disinheriting Party (1977)

“For the 29th Birthday of a Friend”
New Worlds #216 (September 1979) Poem

“Eden Sounding”
Other Edens II (London: Unwin Paperbacks) ed Christopher Evans and Robert Holdstock. Story

“Puffy Bear”
Witness (vol 3, #1) Story

“Death of a Sacred Monster”
More Tales from the Forbidden Planet (London: Titan Books, 1990) ed Roz Kaveney. Story
“The Knight Orpheus”
Drabble II (London: Beccon Publications, 1990) Story (drabble)

“The Darcy Bee” with Kathleen Noonan, Elizabeth Hand, Jonathan Lethem and Kim Newman
Omni Online (February 1998) Round-Robin Story

“Year King Pie”
for The Telluride Institute,
online at

“The Last Word”
Finncon/Animecon programme book Story (drabble)