Reviews 1966

Torquemada by Howard Fast
Varsity 25 February 1966

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
Varsity 25 February 1966

The Dignity of Youth and Other Atavisms by Edgar Z Friedenberg
Varsity ?? February 1966

Billion-Dollar Brain by Len Deighton
Varsity 11 March 1966

The Magus by John Fowles
Varsity 11 March 1966

The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths by Brian W Aldiss
The Toronto Star 20 August 1966

British agent by John Whitwell
The Toronto Star 20 August 1966

The Way It Was by Stephen Sohmer
The Old Man at the Railroad Crossing by William Maxwell
Judgement of Eve by Edgar Pangborn
Memories of the Future by Paul Horgan
The Toronto Star 27 August 1966

New Writings in S-F 8 ed John Carnell
Women at Work by Margaret Kennedy
The Early Life of Stephen Hind by Storm Jameson
The Flame by Jim Hunter
The Toronto Star 3 September 1966

Come Back, Geordie by David Walker
Girls of Two Summers by Gerald Taaffe
Like Any Other Man by Patrick Boyle
The Toronto Star 17 September 1966

The Forms of Music by Andre Hodeir
Varsity 23 September 1966

The Fixer by Bernard Malamud
The Day Television Died by Don McGuire
Call the Keeper by Nat Hentoff
Game in Heaven with Tussy Marx by Piers Paul Read
The Toronto Star 24 September 1966

The Creative Writer by Earle Birney
Varsity 30 September 1966

The Music School by John Updike
A Horseman Riding By by R F Delderfield
Don Quixote, USA by Richard Powell
A Planet of your Own by John Brunner
The Star Fox by Poul Anderson
The Road Past Altamount by Gabrielle Roy
The Piano Sport by Don Asher
The Toronto Star 1 October 1966

The Battle for Leyte Gulf by C Vann Woodward
Varsity ?? November 1966

The Tolkien Reader by J R R Tolkien
Varsity 7 October 1966

When Eight Bells Toll by Alistair MacLean
Sabre-Tooth by Peter O’Donnell
Poorboy at the party by Robert Gover
The Love Department by William Trevor
The Toronto Star 8 October 1966

Causeway [literary journal]
Varsity 14 October 1966

Black Angels and Other Stories by Bruce Jay Friedman
The Sea Break by Anthony Trew
In the Company of Eagles by Ernest K Gann
Strange Signposts ed Roger Elwood and Sam Moskowitz
Worlds Apart ed Amabel Williams-Ellis
The Long Result by John Brunner
The Toronto Star 15 October 1966

Noshitaka by Norman Elder
Varsity 21 October 1966

Country of Old Men by Paul Olsen
In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd
The Stranger in the Snow by Lester Goran
The Girl in the Black Raincoat ed George Garrett
The Toronto Star 22 October 1966

Sunday and The Little Man from Archangel by Georges Simenon
Varsity 28 October 1966

Leftovers by Polly Toynbee
Simon Says by Margaret Ritter
The Decline and Fall of Daphne Flynn by R Bruce Moody
The Toronto Star 29 October 1966

And Mistress Pursuing by Brian Earnshaw
The High Commissioner by Jon Cleary
The Wheel by Alan White
Welcome to the Club by Clement Biddle Wood
The Toronto Star 5 November 1966

Building Canada: an Architectural History of Canadian Life by Alan Gowans
Varsity 11 November 1966

Mankind Under the Leash by Thomas M Disch
Planet of Exile by Ursula K Le Guin
The Man Who Was Magic by Paul Gallico
The Decline of the West by David Caute
The Toronto Star 12 November 1966

The Shameless Old Lady [film]
Varsity 18 November 1966
as by Gregory Smythe

Mandrake by Susan Cooper
The Crystal World by J G Ballard
Varsity 18 November 1966

La Chamade by Francoise Sagan
The Heat of the Sun by Sean O’Faolain
Inner Circle by Jerzy Peterkiewicz
The Toronto Star 19 November 1966

The Adventures of Gremlin by DuPre Jones
Varsity 25 November 1966

The Time of the Angels by Iris Murdoch
Varsity 2 December 1966

All Night Stand by Thom Keyes
Choice Cuts by Thomas Boileau and Pierre Narcejac
The Heir of Cain by Abraham Rothberg
The Toronto Star 3 December 1966

Playboy [mags]
Varsity 9 December 1966

A Matter of Time by Jessamyn West
The Beasts by Leslie Garrett
The Face of Another by Kobo Abe
The Toronto Star 10 December 1966

The Penguin Book of Christmas Carols ed Elizabeth Poston
Earthblood by Keith Laumer and Rosel George Brown
The Three Fat Men by Uri Olesha
Title: “Xmas list”
Varsity 16 December 1966

Mott the Hoople by Willard Manus
The Spy in the Ointment by Donale E Westlake
Men at Work by Honor Tracy
Title: ”A fresh sampling of the comic novel”
Toronto Star 17 December 1966

The Frontiers of the Sea by Peter Ustinov
The Mouse by Georges Simenon
The Soldier’s Art by Anthony Powell
Title: ”Just an hour or so after Peter Ustinov you’re hungry again”
Toronto Star 24 December 1966

The 9th Directive by Adam Hall
The Bird Watcher by Joe Alex Morris
A Dream of Kings by Harry Mark Petrakis
Title: ”Espionage fad: There’s much trash in the wake”
Toronto Star 31 December 1966