Reviews 1967

Pop Goes America by William K Zinsser
The Great Leap by John Brooks
Title: ”Sloppy pop”
Varsity 6 January 1967

The Captain by Jan de Hartog
A House in Order by Nigel Dennis
Providings by Elspeth Davie
Title: “Jan de Hartog sparkles but his book falls flat”
Toronto Star 7 January 1967

Tlooth by Harry Mathews
Title: “Tlooth . . .”
Varsity 13 January 1967

Shepherds of the Night by Jorge Amado
The King of the Rainy Country by Nicholas Freeling
The Riot Frank Elli
Title: “`Shepherds': a rampage of a novel”
Toronto Star 14 January 1967

The Zinzin Road by Fletcher Knebel
One Man in the World by James Barlow
Title: “In Knebel books, politics is a lot of plots”
Toronto Star 21 January 1967

The Tacit Dimension by Michael Polanyi
Title: “On philosophy”
Varsity 27 January 1967

Story Teller by MacKinlay Kantor
The Sot-Weed Factor by John Barth
The Scorpions by Robert Kelly
Always Kill a Stranger by Robert L Fish
Title: “MacKinlay Kantor: The most typically American author?”
Toronto Star 28 January 1967

The Terminal Beach by J G Ballard
Title: “Science fiction”
Varsity 3 February 1967

Flying Finish by Dick Francis
The Aylwins by J I M Stewart
A Certain Island by Robert Murphy
Title: “Genre fiction: Not much of a future?”
Toronto Star 4 February 1967

The Fortress by Henry Jaeger
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
The Eye of the Needle by Ben Stolzfus
Title: “There’s nothing placid about these three”
Toronto Star 11 February 1967

The Senses by Otto Lowenstein
The Stock Promotion Business by Ivan Shaffer
Niels Bohre by Ruth Moore
Waiting for Winter by John O’Hara
The Great Wall of China by John Robert Colombo
Title: “Six new books”
Varsity 17 February 1967

War Memorial by Martin Russ
Balloons Are Available by Jordan Crittenden
Lucinderella by Berry Fleming
Title: “Deceptive daydreams, deadpan and deadly”
Toronto Star 18 February 1967

The Terrible Pictures by Ben Healey
The Symbol by Alvah Bessie
Title: “What’s cute about unreasonable jealousy?”
Toronto Star 25 February 1967

The Night of the Generals (film)
Title: “Those earth-shaking pansy tics”
Varsity 3 March 1967

The Arrangement by Elia Kazan
The Quy Effect by Arthur Sellings
Maybe by Burt Blechman
Title: “Kazan’s new novel: the worst and the best”
Toronto Star 4 March 1967

A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter
The Great Bonacker Whisky War by Ralph Maloney
Colossus by D F Jones
Title: “Year’s best novel obscure, exquisite”
Toronto Star 11 March 1967

Five Years by Paul Goodman
Title: “True Confessions”
Varsity 17 March 1967

The Outcasts by Stephen Becker
The Plum Explosion by John van der Zee
Title: “His credentials high for `underrated’ title”
Toronto Star 25 March 1967

Mirror on the Floor by George Bowering
Title: “Pro poet but novice novelist”
Globe & Mail 6 May 1967

The Last of the Crazy People by Timothy Findley
Globe & Mail (May or June) 1967

The Day We Got Drunk on Cake by William Trevor
Title: “An ear for melancholy nuance”
Globe & Mail 7 October 1967

Grim Fairy Tales for Adults by Joel Wells
Title: “Grim fairy tales for adults”
Varsity 3 November 1967

The Season to be Wary by Rod Serling
Title: “Shades of a Twilight trash can”
Globe & Mail 9 December 1967