Reviews 1984

The Feud by Thomas Berger
Title: “Dream America”
TLS 10 February 1984

Dramocles by Robert Sheckley
Title: none
Foundation #30 (March 1984)

Not by Bread Alone by Naomi Mitchison
Vector (February 1984)
is this the same as the review written for Interzone in September 1983? review seems autonomous, appears p43 of Vector 118.

Angels by Denis Johnson
Title: “Heading Downwards”
TLS 4 May 1984

In the Palomar Arms by Hilma Wolitzer
Mayakovsky, My Love by Anne Leaton
Title: “Aged faces, young Turks”
TLS 25 May 1984

Fly Away Home by Marge Piercy
Title: “Seeing the Light”
TLS 15 June 1984

Meditations in Green by Stephen Wright
Title: “The lie redemptive”
TLS 13 July 1984

The Businessman: A Tale of Terror by Thomas M Disch
Title: “Posthumous America”
TLS 3 August 1984

Budding Prospects by T Coraghessan Boyle
Title: “Bitter harvests”
TLS 14 September 1984

The Laughter of Carthage by Michael Moorcock
Title: “No Escape”
New Statesman 7 September 1984

Neuromancer by William Gibson
Interzone #10 Winter 1984/85
Strokes (Seattle:Serconia, 1988)

The Science Fiction of Kris Neville by Kris Neville
robots, Androids and Mechanical Oddities by Philip K Dick
Title: none
Foundation #32 (November 1984)