Reviews 2003

Falling Out of Cars by Jeff Noon
Title: none
New York Review of Science Fiction #173, January 2003
Scores (Harold Wood, Essex:Beccon, 2003)

The Braided World by Kay Kenyon
Title: “Kings and Clucks”
SFW #301, 27 January 2003

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson
Title: “The Case of the World”
SFW #305, February 2003
Scores (Harold Wood, Essex:Beccon, 2003)
Title: “Die Welt unter der Lupe”
Alien Contact Jahrbuch 2004 (Berlin:Shayol, 2005)
Translated by Hannes Riffel

Evolution by Stephen Baxter
Cybele, With Bluebonnets by Charles L Harness
Jubilee by Jack Dann
Title: “Science Fiction & Fantasy”
The Washington Post, 23 February 2003

Louisiana Breakdown by Lucius Shepard
Title: “Grail Brokedown”
SFW #309, March 2003
Scores (Harold Wood, Essex:Beccon, 2003)

Forever by Pete Hamill
Title: none
New York Review of Science Fiction #175, March 2003

Memory by Linda Nagata
New York Review of Science Fiction #177, May 2003

The Light Ages by Ian R MacLeod
The Infinite Matrix, circa June 2003
New York Review of Science Fiction #   , circa December 2003

Ring by Koji Suzuki
SFW #   , April 2003

The City Trilogy by Chang Hsi-Kuo
SFW # , May 2003

Ilium by Dan Simmons
SFW #   , June 2003

Polystom by Adam Roberts
NYRSF #178, June 2003

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
Title: “Croaked”
SFW #  , July 2003

Singularity Sky by Charles Stross
SFW #  , August 2003

Loose Canon by Charles Platt
NYRSF #181, September 2003

Budayeen Nights by George Alec Effinger
Title: “Memorial Fix”
SFW #  , September 2003

Hybrids by Robert J Sawyer
Callahan’s Con by Spider Robinson
Spirits on the Wire by Charles de Lint
Blind Lake by Robert Charles Wilson
Toronto Globe and Mail, November 2003

Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson
Title: “The Unbearable Lightness of Been”
SFW #   , October 2003

A Star Above It by Chad Oliver
Far From This Earth by Chad Oliver
Title: “Trout Fishing in America”
SFW #  , November 2003

1610: a Sundial in a Grave by Mary Gentle
Title: “Fludd Time”
SFW #  , 1 December 2003

Changing Planes by Ursula K Le Guin
Cigar-Box Faust by Michael Swanwick
Title: “Their Eyes, their Glittering Eyes”
The Infinite Matrix, December 2003

For Us, the Living by Robert A Heinlein
Title: “Road RAH”
SFW #   , 29 December 2003