Articles 1990

“James Tiptree, Jr”
in Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (Arkham House, 1990) by Tiptree
as introduction to this collection
in Readercon 5 Souvenir Book (1992)
title: “Introduction of ‘Her Smoke Rose Up Forever'”
GoH piece (honouring an eminent dead writer)
Look at the Evidence (Brooklyn:Serconia, 1996)
an introduction, slightly revised
in James Tiptree Jr website, 2001-current
data to come

“Review: SF Novels of the Year”
The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook 3 (Futura, 1990) ed David Garnett
Look at the Evidence (Brooklyn:Serconia, 1996)

“The Big Sellers: Terry Pratchett”
Interzone #33 1990

“Karel Capek”
The Nation, 7 May 1990
Look at the Evidence (Brooklyn:Serconia, 1996)

“Pictures from an atrocity exhibition”
The Sunday Times 11 November 1990
interview with J G Ballard

“A Few Double Notes”
The New York Review of Science Fiction 28 December1990
article on Ace Doubles