Articles 1997

“Untitled Piece on SF”
TW Live Show Guide
don’t know if this was published; see PIECES file under tworld.wp

“Introduction: Time and the Human Condition”
To Tales in Time (anth 1997) ed Peter Crowther

“Science Fiction”
Commissioned by Miles Foden of The Guardian, July 1997, but never published. Text in Pieces.

“In the Beginning was the Scientific Romance”
The War of the Worlds by H G Wells (Fabbri, 1997)
intro to Science Fiction Classics #1 in this abortive series of sf classics

“Panic ina Merica”
Science Fiction Classics #1 (Fabbri, 1997)
essay on Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast

“Sam Moskowitz”
Ansible 118 (May 1997)

“Michael Moorcock: Champion of the Eternal”
LonestarCon 2 (LoneStarCon2, 1997)
GoH piece

E E Smith, Chronicles of the Lensmen vols 1 and 2 (Old Earth Books, 1997)

“Judith Merril”
Title: “Future World of a Feminist”
Guardian 25 September 1997

“Judith Merril”
Ansible 123 (October 1997)

Sol Rising 20 (January 1998)
reprinted in this memorial issue

“George Hay and Judith Merril”
Foundation 1997
memorial piece

“The Fantastic Inventions of a Fantasizing Philosopher”
Science Fiction Classics #3 (Fabbri, 1997)
intro to a Philip K Dick Novel

“Science Fiction and Fantasy”
Washington Post (7 December 1997)
year-end round-up