Articles 1998

“Opening the Gates”
Paul Wake, Steve Andrews and Ariel, eds, Waterstone’s Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror (Waterstone’s Guides, 1998)

“Commentary on John B Watson and Behaviourism”
Locus April 1998

E E Smith, Chronicles of the Lensmen vols 3/6 (Old Earth Books, 1998)

“What I Did on my Summer Vacation”
Paradoxa (vol 4, #10, 1998)
Scores (Harold Wood, Essex:Beccon, 2003)
heavily revised

Stadt, wohin?: Die Stadt in der SF: Eine Anthologiezum Elstercon 2004 in Leipzig (Leipzig:Freundeskreis Science Fiction Leipzig, 2004)
translated by Hannes Riffel, German Title: “Wasich in den Sommerferien getan habe”

Helion: Revista de Science Fiction #1/2006
(Timisoara, Romania, 2006)
translated by Ionna Robu, Romanian title: “Ce-am facut in vacanta de vara”

“Richard Cowper”
In Science Fiction Writers (NY:Scribners)

“Howard Waldrop”
In Science Fiction Writers (NY:Scribners)
In Supernatural Fiction Writers (Gale, 2002)

“Gene Wolfe”
In Science Fiction Writers (NY:Scribners)