Articles 1999

“In Defense of Science Fiction” (25 May 1999)
Projections: Science Fiction in Literature & Film (anth 2004) ed Lou Anders
text restored but not revised
in Romanian as ”In apararea science fiction-ului”

Christopher Priest, The Extremes (Simon and Schuster, 1998; 1999 pb reprint) by Christopher Priest

“Mary Gentle”
Barroquon Programme Book (16-18 July 1999)

“Readercon Report”
Paul Barnett’s online mag for Paper Tiger July 1999

“A Species with Ten Fingers Named Frankenstein”
Washington Post August 1999
long op-ed type piece on the Millennium and sf

“Point/Counterpoint:The MUP Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction Debate Continues”
Nova Express vol 5, #2 (Fall/Winter 1999)
response by Russell Blackford to my review of this book, plus my response to Blackford.

Andromeda (143/144) December 1999
report on Eurocon in Dortmund, May 1999