Articles 2000

“Charles M Schulz”
For Paul Barnett’s newsletter for Paper Tiger

“John Sladek, 1937-2000″
Ansible 153 (April 2000)
MISFITS (Minnesta Society for Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy Views) (posted 19 April 2000)
expanded version
Foundation #79 (Summer 2000)
expanded version

To Die linke Hand der Dunkelheit (Heyne, 2000) by Ursula K Le Guin
introduction to The Left Hand of Darkness, written for Heyne and translated by them.

“Grail, Groundhog, Godgame: Or, Doing Fantasy”
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts (Vol 10, #4, 2000)
version of 1999 Distinguished Guest Scholar address

“Coming of Age”
In Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature (SFF, 2000) ed Andrew M Butler, Edward James and Farah Mendelsohn
much expanded from 1990 Interzone article and later reviews

To The Purple Cloud (University of Nebraska Press, 2000) by M P Shiel

“Dede Weil”
Title: “Dede”
Locus December 2000
obituary notice

“Noted With Pleasure”
The Washington Post 3 December 2000
end of year notes