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Reviews 1985

1985 Age of Wonders by David Hartwell Microworlds by Stanislaw Lem The Novels of Philip K Dick by Kim Stanley Robinson Starboard Wine by Samuel R Delany Title: Science Fiction Washington Post ?? 1985 In the Drift by Michael Swanwick Title: Foundation 33 Spring 1985 Strokes (Seattle:Serconia, 1988) J G Ballard: a Primary and Secondary […]

Reviews 1986

1986 The Last Election by Pete Davies Stroke Counterstroke by William Camp Paradise by Hugh Fleetwood Floral Street by Simon Burt Title: The New Statesman ?? 1986 Nowhere by Thomas Berger Title: “An alternative America” TLS 21 February 1986 Gestures by H S Bhabra August in July by Carlo Gebler The Nuclear Age by Tim […]

Reviews 1987

1987 The Burning Women of Far Cry by Rick DeMarinis Under the Wheat by Rick DeMarinis Title: “The Return of a Writer” The Washington Post 11 January 1987 Close Encounters with the Deity by Michael Bishop The Hercules Text by Jack McDevitt Title: Interzone 19, Spring 1987 Goodman 2020 by Fred Pfeil Title: none Foundation […]

Reviews 1988

1988 The Hidden Side of the Moon by Joanna Russ Title: “The Little Dirty Girl and her Sisters” The New York Times 31 January 1988 Look at the Evidence (Brooklyn:Serconia, 1996) Raven’s Wing by Joyce Carol Oates You Must Remember This by Joyce Carol Oates Title: “Collisions but no marriages” TLS 19 February 1988 The […]

Reviews 1989

1989 Kairos by Gwyneth Jones Title: “Rewiring the world” TLS 6/12 January 1989 Anatomy of Wonder ed Neil Barron Title: none Foundation #44 (Winter 1988/1989) Unquenchable Fire by Rachel Pollack Title: none Foundation #44 (Winter 1988/1989) Neverness by David Zindell Rumours of Spring by Richard Grant Title: “Romancing the Stilts” Interzone #27 January/February 1989 Look […]