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Articles 2004

2004 “Joan Aiken” Obituary appreciation Locus (February? 2004) appears after formal obit “Jack Cady” Independent 21 January 2004 obit “The Dream of Arena” Essay on space opera for German yearbook, ed Sascha Mamczak for Heyne Verlag also given to an English language site, not known if it went up. “Canaries in the Coal Mine” Shawangunk […]

Articles 2005

2005 “Epilogue” A Celebration of British Science Fiction (Guildford: The Science Fiction Foundation, 2005) ed Andy Sawyer, Andrew M Butler and Farah Mendlesohn recension of extempore keynote speech given at the Celebration of British Science Fiction conference, Liverpool, 2001. “Jack Chalker” Independent (18 February 2005) obit Xanadu VIII/DeepSouthCon 43 (2005) reprinted in this program book […]

Articles 2006

2006 essay for Das Science Fiction Jahr 2006 (Munich:Heyne Verlag, 2006) ed Sascha Mamczak and Wolfgang Jeschke “Octavia E Butler” Independent (2 March 2006) obit “David Feintuch” Independent (8 April 2006) obit “John Morressy” Independent (March 2006) obit “Stanislaw Lem” Independent (31 March 2006) obit “Love” New Scientist commissioned “entry” on LOVE; unpublished for text […]


“Robert Anton Wilson” The Independent (14 January 2007) obit “So It Continues” Heyne Verlag, 2007 fourth piece for Sascha Mamczak “David I Masson” The Independent (March 2007) obit “J G Ballard” held in Independent morgue obit “Sterling E Lanier” The Independent (11 July 2007) obit “Fred Saberhagen” The Independent ( 2007) obit “Fantastika in the […]