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Articles 1995

1995 “George Jeffery” The Book Collector January 1995 obit “Fables of Transcendence: The Challenge of Canadian Science Fiction” Out of this World (Quarry Press/National Library of Canada, 1995) ed Andrea Paradis Northern Suns (Tor, 1999) ed David Hartwell, Glenn Grant without subtitle “Roger Zelazny” The Guardian June 1995 obit “Bob Shaw” Essay for a convention […]

Articles 1996

1996 “’City’ and ‘Urban Fantasy’” Paradoxa, vol 2, #1 (1996), p19-26 entries from the then forthcoming Encyclopedia of Fantasy “Bob Shaw” Title: Guardian February 1996 obit “Introduction” Andrew Crumey, D’Alembert’s Principle (Dedalus, 1996)

Articles 1997

1997 “Untitled Piece on SF” TW Live Show Guide don’t know if this was published; see PIECES file under tworld.wp “Introduction: Time and the Human Condition” To Tales in Time (anth 1997) ed Peter Crowther “Science Fiction” Commissioned by Miles Foden of The Guardian, July 1997, but never published. Text in Pieces. “In the Beginning […]

Articles 1998

1998 “Opening the Gates” Paul Wake, Steve Andrews and Ariel, eds, Waterstone’s Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror (Waterstone’s Guides, 1998) introduction “Commentary on John B Watson and Behaviourism” Locus April 1998 “Foreword” E E Smith, Chronicles of the Lensmen vols 3/6 (Old Earth Books, 1998) “What I Did on my Summer Vacation” Paradoxa […]

Articles 1999

1999 “In Defense of Science Fiction” (25 May 1999) Projections: Science Fiction in Literature & Film (anth 2004) ed Lou Anders text restored but not revised in Romanian as ”In apararea science fiction-ului” “Afterword” Christopher Priest, The Extremes (Simon and Schuster, 1998; 1999 pb reprint) by Christopher Priest “Mary Gentle” Barroquon Programme Book […]