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Articles 1981-1982

1981 “The Identity of E V Odle” Science Fiction Studies “On Thomas M Disch” Yorcon 2 (Yorcon, 1981) ed Alan Dorey 1982 “Not the Kurt Vonnegut Jr” Channelcon Programme Book (Channelcon, 1982) ed Coral and Robert Jackson On John Sladek “James Blish” Science Fiction Writers (Scribners, 1982) ed E F Bleiler Science Fiction Writers (Scribners, […]

Articles 1983

1983 “Ken Bulmer” Beccon 198 “The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever” [by Stephen Donaldson] Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature (Salem, 1983) ed Frank N Magill “The Crock of Gold” [by James Stephens] Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature (Salem, 1983) ed Frank N Magill “Elidor” [by Alan Garner] Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature (Salem, 1983) […]

Articles 1985

1985 “Introduction” Interzone: the 1st Anthology (Dent, 1985) “Gene Wolfe” Aussiecon Two (1985) Strokes (Seattle:Serconia, 1988) “Sturgeon Remembered” Vector August 1985 “Robert Aickman” Supernatural Fiction Writers (Scribners, 1985) ed E F Bleiler Strokes (Seattle:Serconia, 1988) revised Supernatural Fiction Writers (Gale, 2002) ed Richard Bleiler further revised “Walter de la Mare” Supernatural Fiction Writers (Scribners, 1985) […]

Articles 1986-1988

1986 article for driffs on science fiction ????? Frank Herbert title: “Dunes of glory” Guardian 13 February 1986 obit “headnote for SFRA anthology on John Varley’s “Options” ?????? “Untitled essay on Gene Wolfe” Strokes (Seattle:Serconia, 1988) only piece original to this volume “Unexpected Pleasures” Radio Times (27 September–3 October 1986) piece on Roald Dahl 1987 […]

Articles 1989

1989 “Review: SF Novels of the Year” The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook 2 (Futura, 1989) ed David Garnett Look at the Evidence (Seattle:Serconia, 1996) “M John Harrison: a Literary Appreciation” Contrivance ’89 (March 1989) essay in Eastercon programme book Look at the Evidence (Brooklyn:Serconia, 1996) final draft of Harrison essay; Eastercon printed first draft (my […]