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Articles 1999

1999 “In Defense of Science Fiction” (25 May 1999) Projections: Science Fiction in Literature & Film (anth 2004) ed Lou Anders text restored but not revised in Romanian as ”In apararea science fiction-ului” “Afterword” Christopher Priest, The Extremes (Simon and Schuster, 1998; 1999 pb reprint) by Christopher Priest “Mary Gentle” Barroquon Programme Book […]

Articles 2000

2000 “Charles M Schulz” For Paul Barnett’s newsletter for Paper Tiger obit “John Sladek, 1937-2000″ Ansible 153 (April 2000) obituary MISFITS (Minnesta Society for Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy Views) (posted 19 April 2000) expanded version Foundation #79 (Summer 2000) expanded version “Vorwort” To Die linke Hand der Dunkelheit (Heyne, 2000) by Ursula K […]

Articles 2001

2001 “The Aegypt Series” Snake’s-hands: a Chapbook about the Fiction of John Crowley (Sirius Fiction, 2001 chap) revision of reviews of Aegypt, Love & Sleep and Daemonomania, see below “On the Cusp of Far” Earth is But a Star: Excursions Through Science Fiction to the Far Future (University of Western Australia Press, 2001) “Fred Hoyle” […]

Articles 2002

2002 “Notes on the Geography of Bad (and Good) Art in Fantasy” Unearthly Visions: Approaches to Science Fiction and Fantasy Art (Greenwood Press, 2002) original Title: “Notes on the Geography of Bad Art in Fantasy”; remotely based on address at the Eaton Conference, 1995. “Introduction” To David Lindsay, A Voyage to Arcturus (University of Nebraska […]

Articles 2003

2003 “Introduction” To Infinity Plus Two (PS Publishing, 2003) “On Howard Waldrop” In Readercon 15 (Readercon, 2003) much modified from Richard Bleiler, ed, Supernatural Fiction Writers “Ken Grimwood” Obit for Independent June/July 2003 “Introduction” To A New Universal History of Infamy by Rhys Hughes (Ministry of Whimsy?, 2003?, ed Jeff Vandermeer “Science Fiction from 1980 […]

Articles 2004

2004 “Joan Aiken” Obituary appreciation Locus (February? 2004) appears after formal obit “Jack Cady” Independent 21 January 2004 obit “The Dream of Arena” Essay on space opera for German yearbook, ed Sascha Mamczak for Heyne Verlag also given to an English language site, not known if it went up. “Canaries in the Coal Mine” Shawangunk […]

Articles 2005

2005 “Epilogue” A Celebration of British Science Fiction (Guildford: The Science Fiction Foundation, 2005) ed Andy Sawyer, Andrew M Butler and Farah Mendlesohn recension of extempore keynote speech given at the Celebration of British Science Fiction conference, Liverpool, 2001. “Jack Chalker” Independent (18 February 2005) obit Xanadu VIII/DeepSouthCon 43 (2005) reprinted in this program book […]

About 1988-2006

1988 “Short story ideal vehicle for imaginative SciFi tales” Toronto Star 10 December 1988 review of Strokes by Paul Stuewe 1991 “John Clute: an Appreciation” by Rachel Pollack Readercon 4 (1991) 1994 “John Clute” by David Griffin Carnage Hall #5 (1994) Interview 1995 “John Clute” by Charles N Brown Locus #414 (July 1995) Interview “John […]

Letters 1962-2006

1962 Letter (rebutting arguments against Tom Disch) Square Journal, 5 April 1962 (NYU, 1962) 1965 at least one letter in Varsity responding to criticisms 1975 Letter (on Edwards, Blish, Tubb) Vector (Summer 1975) 1976 Letter (on Baldwin, Griffin) Vector #73/4 (March 1976) 1981 Letter (in response to George Turner) Foundation #21 (February 1981) 1982 Letter […]

Stories & Poems 1958-2006

1958 “Discussions Upon Reproduction I: the Reject in No” Inkling 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem “Discussions Upon Reproduction II: Over Wide Wistfuls” Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem “Over wastes of wondering” Inklings 1958 (New Trier High School, 1958) Poem “Older Wiser . . . ” Inklings 1958 (New Trier High […]