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Reviews 1960

1960 Heaven’s My Destination by Thornton Wilder Title: Collage #1 (Chicago, 1960) archy and mehitabel by Don Marquis Title: Collage #1 (Chicago, 1960) Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell Title: Collage #2 (Chicago, 1960) The Wit and Humor of Oscar Wilde Title: Collage #2 (Chicago, 1960) Approach to Greek Art by Charles Seltman Title: Collage #2 […]

Reviews 1964

1964 Why We Can’t Wait by Martin Luther King Title: Varsity 3 October 1964 The Betrayal by Henry Kreisel Title: Varsity 9 October 1964 The Defense by Vladimir Nabokov Title: Varsity 30 October 1964 The Italian Girl by Iris Murdoch Title: Varsity 13 November 1964 The Deserter by Douglas LePan Title: Varsity 18 December 1964 […]

Reviews 1965

1965 Marriage–Italian Style [Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni film] Title: Varsity 8 January 1965 Going to University and Technical College by Eva Murray-Brown Title: Varsity 15 January 1965 The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K Dick Title: Varsity 22 January 1965 The Horse Knows the Way by John O’Hara Title: Varsity 5 February 1965 […]

Reviews 1966

1966 Torquemada by Howard Fast Title: Varsity 25 February 1966 In Cold Blood by Truman Capote Title: Varsity 25 February 1966 The Dignity of Youth and Other Atavisms by Edgar Z Friedenberg Title: Varsity ?? February 1966 Billion-Dollar Brain by Len Deighton Title: Varsity 11 March 1966 The Magus by John Fowles Title: Varsity 11 […]

Reviews 1967

1967 Pop Goes America by William K Zinsser The Great Leap by John Brooks Title: ”Sloppy pop” Varsity 6 January 1967 The Captain by Jan de Hartog A House in Order by Nigel Dennis Providings by Elspeth Davie Title: “Jan de Hartog sparkles but his book falls flat” Toronto Star 7 January 1967 Tlooth by […]

Reviews 1968

1968 Counter-Clock World by Philip K Dick Title: “World in Reverse” The New Captain George’s Whizzbang Toronto (vol 1, #2)

Reviews 1969

1969 The Boy from the Green Cabaret Tells of his Mother by Barry MacSweeney A Point of no Return by Fwanyanga M Mulikita The Passion Players by Edmund P Murray The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre by Robert Denoon Cumming Title: “Against the Juggernaut” New Worlds #190 (May 1969) ed Michael Moorcock Omnivore by Piers Anthony […]

Reviews 1970

1970 The Love Germ by Jill Neville The Green Child by Herbert Read Macroscope by Piers Anthony Nightwings by Robert Silverberg The Age of the Pussyfoot by Frederik Pohl Title: “Gonorrhea and Logorrhea” New Worlds #197 (January 1970) ed Charles Platt

Reviews 1973

1973 Partners in Wonder by Harlan Ellison Timetracks by Keith Laumer The Patterns of Chaos by Colin Kapp The Light that Never Was by Lloyd Biggle Jr Discoveries in Fantasy ed Lin Carter Breakfast in the Ruins by Michael Moorcock Title: “Shucksma” New Worlds Quarterly 5 (whole #206) ed Michael Moorcock Strokes (Seattle:Serconia, 1988) Black […]

Reviews 1974

1974 Astounding: John W Campbell Memorial Anthology ed Harry Harrison Conscience Interplanetary by Joseph Green The Hephaestus Plague by Thomas Page Mister da V by Kit Reed Title: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction June 1974 Strokes (Seattle:Serconia, 1988) Space Relations by Donald Barr Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers by Harry Harrison Tetrasomy […]